Kvitnes Gård DIP 2023

Kvitnes Gård DIP 2023 is finally finished. A long and rewarding process with hard working and dedicated people is coming to an end. We are looking forward to proudly presenting the full report at DOGA, Oslo this spring. Hope to see you there!

Why Design Makes A Difference – Storebrand Digital Garden

“In this Norwegian office renovation, the architects from Brandl AS well succeeded in creating an inspiring, universally designed workplace that breaks away from the traditional office norm. A mix between colourful and wooden interiors, graphic wallpapers and flooring from the Ethnic and Bolon by You collections contributed to a contemporary office in which the health and needs of the employees are put at the very heart of the design”

Photo by Baard Henriksen


Our Clients and Partners

Photo: Svein Kjøde

Get Away Winter – Moonlight Foraging

Check out the Foodstudio webpage for a wonderful look back at the winter expedition by the fabulous crew of Eva De Moor, Kristian Krohg-Sørensen, Britt Kornum, Svein Kǰøde( all Photos) and Jan Svartsund

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